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We have collected a mere string of talented, well-known and highly qualified instructors for this year's summer camp.

In addition to the well-known, experienced and respected grandmasters and masters, this year we have chosen to introduce several new instructors and specialized training sessions with instructors who will only instructs few days, but with instruction on very high level.

Do not miss this chance to participate in these unique offers.

Ko Tai Jeong

Country: Denmark
Belt grade: 9th dan

Ko er Grandmaster for foreningen Sim Uu. Han vil undervise i grundteknik.

Choi Kyoung An

Country: Denmark
Belt grade: 9th dan

Choi er Grandmaster for foreningen Chois Venner, han vil undervise i grundteknik på Summercamp.

Lars Arnum

Country: Denmark
Belt grade: 8th dan

Lars er teknisk ansvarlig instruktør i Esbjerg og træner i Sim Uu. Han vil undervise i grundteknik.

Michael Iversen

Country: Denmark
Belt grade: 7th dan

Selvforsvar, våben og Shiatsu. Udover dette også Taekwondo.

Kim Nedergaard

Country: Denmark
Belt grade: 6th dan

Kim er på teknik landsholdet, og vil undervise i dette på lejren.

Karsten Dam

Country: Denmark
Sport: Kyusho/Systema
Belt grade: 5th dan

Karsten er emnetræner i Kyusho og Systema.

Niklas Andersson

Country: Sweden
Belt grade: 5th dan

Niklas underviser i kamp på sommerlejren. Han er cheftræner i Soo Shim.

Rudy Pelgrims

Country: Belgium
Belt grade: 4th dan

Rudy underviser i kamp på sommerlejren.

Jesper Roesen

Country: Denmark
Belt grade: 3rd dan

Jesper er tidligere europamester i kamp og landsholdstræner, og vil undervise i kamp.