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Welcome at the greatest Taekwondo event this year

The Danish Taekwondo Federation Official Summercamp is held 8th. to 14th. July 2017 in Esbjerg, Denmark.

On these pages you read more about the Instructors, activities, accomodation, courses, events etc.

The team of Instructors this year represents the absolute elite. Read more about each Instructor at the Instructor page.

Bring your family
You can read more at the page "Activities"

Follow the latest development and latest activities as they are planned
You can follow every step in the planning of the summer camp in 2016 right up to the camp start on these pages.

You can even join with Likes and comments at https://www.facebook.com/taekwondosummercamp2017/ (please share

Some key points
  • Top instructors
  • Many activities
  • Lots of training
  • Various courses
  • Huge tent area
  • Meals every day
  • Worldclass Show
  • Team competition for all